Sunday, November 13, 2005

yea dont mess with a pirate

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sobering Meditiaions on Marrage, Life and the Glory of God

I was looking at a friend of mine’s facebook profile. It was scary. It seemed like just yesterday I was talking to him at project (summer 2004), and he had hardly any thing to worry about other than just about what any upper level college student had to worry about- getting out of school in a decent amount of time. As far as I know, he did not really have any one in mind as far as a girl friend goes. Fast forward to New Year’s conference, he has a girl friend,kind of out of the blue for me. (As you can kind of tell I was not really close to him.) Fast forward another couple of months, they are engaged and getting married in the summer after Graduation. And just other day I saw pics online of his house in California. Holy crap that was fast all in
about a year and a few months, and this guy’s life has completely changed and so have his responsibilities.
So you ask what is the point in all this? Life can change on a dime. (pun intended. It just reminds me so much of how fast life can come knocking at your doorstep. What next kids? Some of you laugh, but it’s closer than you think. As a man, I am left asking: Am I ready for this, all the responsibility, the change? The weight of it all can seem immense. I know it does for me. I would literally crack. Or would I? You see God has promised us he would never give us any thing we can't handle. Including a wife, kids and the pressures of supporting them. How does he do it? By God's
grace of course. Same way I would do it. The same way you would too. Some times I wonder why are so many men afraid to get married? Well how soon I forget all the pressures and responsibility that are in marriage. But o what a blessing it is. You see God, in his wonderful design, has given men and women a sex drive. (What did I just say sex? I believe I just did.) So that amidst all this responsibility and pressure we would have a motivation to get married. And true it is for the Christian, the reason to get married is far deeper than just a sex drive, but it certainly don’t hurt. Not only did God give us a drive, but if you are to be married one day, he has one specific mate hand picked just for you. How faithful is God in so many of these small things. Sure it may seem difficult at the time or just too awful to be in His plan. But I got a secret: with God there is no plan b. He knows what he is doing. This is the God that declared the end from the beginning. So fret not over the future and Gods designs for it. He has a wonderful plan for you if you know him that is so much bigger than all I mentioned about relationships. You see, strangely enough we
won’t always be married, have children and our earthly distractions. One day we will worship at the Feet of the King. So in the end, what is this all for? Nothing hardly.
You see we are players in a bigger: scheme to give God glory by the obedience of our lives. And how sweet it is to our God who receives Glory from our lives.