Sunday, April 15, 2007

A hint to where I'm head'n..

A hint to where I am going......

Click here to get an idea of things to come.....

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Yea, I'm alive, and yes I still believe in Jesus

I know I have never been the greatest at this whole regular posting thing, but I have a good excuse why I have not done so at all lately. One word, School. I am 3 months from getting my bachelors in Computer Science, with a concentration in Information Systems. But a bulk of the work will be done come May 5th when I walk and it will be all over come July 25th. So much has changed in my time being away from this blog and I look forward to telling who ever reads this rag about it. So I look forward to kick starting this thing again, I may even do some thing a little special with it, but then again don't hold your breath. Oh, and keeping with the whole random thing I think I'll leave you with a Spurgon quote that has been stuck in my head lately: "The default mode of the heart is religion"