Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A City,A Search, A Struggle

I love the city. I sit here in my last night in Hollywood, disappointed. Not in the city. If any thing it’s the fact that I can’t move in tomorrow to the city. It was every thing I had hoped it would be and more. Is the city of Hollywood perfect? By no means. Matter of fact I can think of no where else that needs Jesus more. Its stark honesty in how lost it is, is refreshing. It is the perfect soil for a new church. Part of the reason why I love it, is its diversity, density and design. It is a phoenix-like city that is starting to rise from the ashes of dirtiness and poverty and is starting to become a thriving city center. It even has its own feel and look that is starting to emerge. I have been at the home of gracious Chris and Sara (The pastor and his wife of the church plant here) who has been more than welcoming to me, showing me around the city and introducing me to people.

In so far as the job search goes. It seems to of been an empty trail this time out. One real interview and a lot of dead end streets, which for me is a great trial of faith, and contentment in where God has me. I just need more time. Something I don’t have much of. So my first request as you pray for me that I become content with where I am, and then to find direction on where to go from here.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. There is so much more I could write and I wish I had written over my trip. To those that prayed for me and helped me in trying to find a job thank you sincerely your prayers are very precious to me.

God bless, Alan

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Hope of God in Prayer.

Hey guys, I am sitting in a coffee shop in Hollywood right now. I went on a tour of the city, and from what I have seen I love it. I want to move in here next week. I have not stopped smiling sense I got here. I love the life of the city, I love the diversity, I love the honesty of the city. The time I have spent with Chris has been up lifting encouraging and his insights have been water to my soul.
The time on the plane was interesting. The flight was completely broken up in to 3 1hour to 2 hour legs on a 737. The longest leg was from Huston to Phoenix and I was crammed as the last person to get a seat, so naturally the last seat on the plane is next to not one but between 2 guys over 200 lbs. (one guy weighed close to 300) I weigh about 240 lbs. Needless to say I was like a fat man in a chines subway. But other than that my trip was fairly painless and over all went off with out a hitch.
On my way their I had to have a time with God as you saw in my last blog post, I was anxious, stressed and worried about what to do with my time and how to go about looking for a job. How sweet the time I had in prayer on the way there (in between the two sumo's ). I also had allot of time to catch up on sermons. By the time I had landed, God had my heart set right and hope embraced.

Anxious in an Airport

Hey guys I am writing this in the airport in New Orleans on my way to go visit Chris in Hollywood. I wanted to share with you guys honestly where I am at and that is I don’t know a lot of things right now at this point. There is some thing funny about ones believes and their actions. I believe this is where God wants me, it’s just funny that I don’t know when and how. God is using this to show me how to trust him. The stress I have been feeling lately is actually worse than being in school. There is a certain structure and predictability to school. I have one interview and I am grateful to get that. But I have no clue how to go about searching for a job in a strange city when I have no job experience the thing that is virtually gold in my industry. Just thought I would share my thoughts here. I'll try to keep you updated though my blog on my trip.

Alan Munger

Hey guys I thought i would post this from the other day I wrote it right as i was in the airport
I will probably be writing at least several post while I am in Hollywood.