Thursday, October 06, 2005

Aah Yes, Rick Warren, Even Teaching Jews How To Be Seeker Sensitive

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According to Synagogue 3000, an umbrella organization pushing for synagogue transformation, there was “a pathbreaking meeting with Rick Warren ("The Purpose-Driven Life"), founding pastor of Saddleback Church" – an evangelical Christian church that average over 30,000 worshipers each weekend - to explore what synagogues can learn from mega-churches and small groups.

With a new model in place, Synagogue 3000 says that “thousands of Jewish worshippers around the country are being drawn to (the organization’s) new concept of lively, creative and spiritually welcoming communities.� The organization says the success of its venture defies the notion that there is a decreased demand for synagogues, and claims that Synagogue 3000 congregations are growing, not shrinking.

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I have really always been uneasy about this Rick Warren guy. But lately i have been having alot of my uneasiness being justified. after i read this following article I was absolutely outraged. I have never liked the seeker sensitive movement. But this my friends takes it to a new level. Its one thing for them to pick it up by observing but you actively trying to help a group of people That refuse to acknowledge Christ. It is a heresy to reject Christ. Instead of teaching them church Growth methods you should be reaching out to them in love with The Gospel. This is exactly what the apostles did in acts when they were among the jews they proclaimed the supremacy of Christ and told the Jews of how they put Christ to death (see acts3:11-4:2 for just one of many examples). Sounds a wee bit different, ok a lot, than what Mr. Warren did when he was to meet with the Jewish leaders.
This is supposed to be the poster Boy for the modern church? Especially the dear old SBC. What happens when we stop preaching Christ Crucified and start teaching a moral Gospel? I cant help but wonder where he will lead us next. I am very afraid of where that will be. Pluralism? That is part of the problem with PDL it is written to the Lost as well as the Saved. I remember watching an interview with Mr Warren bragging on The O'Reiley Factor on how his Muslim, and Jewish friends were reading his book and getting something out of it. Now that is plum scary. So is telling people that God has a purpose for them really the best way to share the Gospel with them? I don’t think so, at least not in the way 99% of people do it.

Opposing this modern evangelism tactic, John MacArthur, in his sermon entitled How To Obtain Eternal Life, writes: "You must not approach people on the basis that Christ will meet their psychological needs. This may sound like heresy, but did you know that God does not have a wonderful plan for your life? Unless you consider eternal torment a wonderful plan. He has a horrible plan for those who don't know Christ. When we approach people, perhaps we ought to say, "Did you know that God loves you and has a horrible plan for your life?" We must approach the problem of sin. The Old Testament says, "God is angry with the wicked every day" (Ps. 7:11). A good, holy, and pure God cannot tolerate evil. So Jesus affirms what must always be affirmed-- there is a divine law that must be kept. If you violate that law, you're under the judgment of God."
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In this, quote/sermon is a call for us to preach the Gospel Boldly, notice not out of hate but love. But This even beckons the question what does love look like. It has been well said that love is not telling them what they want to hear(i.e. God has a wonderful plain. that includes your best life now!) as opposed to what they need to know(i.e. you’re a sinner and Gods wrath abides in you) We are lying to people when we tell them that God has a wonderful plan for them. When in truth, that they being lost, are vessels of Gods wrath. This may seem one sided, but we must be broken over sin. Brokeness over sin could be another post all together but i will leave you with a scripture reference just to spare you the length(James 4:8-10). With out being broken how can we see the Gospel for what it really is, God choosing to save wretched man from his bondage to sin. And to realize we need Grace we must first come to the end of our selves. We must continue to come to the end of our selves. But how can we do that if all we tell people is that God has a plain for them? how can they recognize there sinfulness, if, we skip over divine judgement and his holiness, and right to the fruits of Gods salvation. What are we supposed to have faith in the fruits no. but faith in the giver of the Fruits. The Giver, who can never be seen properly till we see our selves properly.

Monday, October 03, 2005

i hate studying

just one thing to night. I hate studying. it realy cramps my style. God bless

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Why I love old people.

I cant begin to tell you the blessing I experienced at The Church today. Today the youth did a novel thing, they ate lunch and shared a testimonies of Gods grace in their life along with the seniors at church. It was a great time I cant explain to you the blessing and the encouragement my faith received by talking to a sweet older lady at the church. We are so blessed to have such faithful older ladies in our church who have a true conviction to flow the word of God so faithfully and gracefully even when it is not the most popular thing to do. These people are real. They Go though life every day and fight the fight of faith and don't put on a show. But their faithfulness to live a life of the gospel and with such God given wisdom is truly amazing. The times of testimonies was truly wonderful half shared by the youth and the other half given by two dear sweet older ladies at the church. These two testimonies were the high-light of my day. One a testimony of an elderly lady that had a theme of how faithful God is even when we are faithless and how the church has really been such a encouragement and source of blessings in her life. After that we had another older lady come up and tell her story of grace that began when she was a little girl. It was such a testimony of Gods grace to save us even in the midst of sin in our lives, even at the young, and what many consider to still be an age of innocence, age of ten. It was a proof of how we are, as David says in psalm 51, born sinners. We do not have to be taught to steel, lie, and cheat. It is such a blessing and a great testimony to hear of some one giving their life to Christ at an early age and endure, remain, and grow in Christ. The food was extremely good ,as always the old people really know how to cook. As I look back on the afternoon, it was well spent and well invested. I come back with a greater appreciation for how Christ designed the church. And days like this fulfill Christ call for the older believers to teach and encourage the young. This is something greatly missing from the Church today. Usually you hear about crotchety old people and rebellious youth clashing at church over various things especially about traditions and musical style. Do your self a favor and try to take time to get to know the seniors in your church. Love them, respect them, and listen to them there is a lot of wisdom in what they say and can be a great source of mature advice. And remember your widows they need your love and attention. For James 1:27 says this is pure and undeifiled religion that you take care of widows and orphans. God bless
Tomorrow a rant on those darn yanks