Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Eternal Son Shine

Oh Light were may you be
Oh Day you are gone from this hour
The over cast blocks your glory
Distance impossible to perceive
Color impossible to see
Sorrow floods my day
Water is the plight of my feet
Grey is my prison
Destruction is near
I can hear it crash

Curse the light the clouds say
Curse the light for the Sun has been untrue
Sun come quick
Sun Come quick to my despair

Gorgeous Son you were there all the time
Glory veiled but never burnt out
Your warmth is never too far
Your glory dries the tears that engulfs my eyes

Blazing Sun when will your merciful ray cease to shine
Blazing glory in its fullness shown
What an ash I would be
Great Light you see it all
Great light you see the clouds
And say it is good for the rain to come
Greater than me
Bigger than me
Swallowed up in you I am

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