Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Job Update

Hey guys, I thought I would update some of you on my current job situation. For those that may not know I am trying to move to Hollywood, CA to help and be apart of a church plant while going to seminary in September. I have been trying to get a job out there sense just before I graduated this past August. I have visited out there twice looking for a job already, with at best, mild success both times for interviews. The second time I went out to Hollywood I went to interview with AT&T. I had not heard any thing back from them in a while (I interviewed in the middle of Sep). Well yesterday I got a call back from their HR saying they need me to update some information on their website because they just switched databases and systems, for lack of a better word, human resource requisition (that sounds really official sounding, If you ever get a job in where your job is to give jobs names remember, I came up with that one.) But I would be disappointed if that’s all they wanted, but they wanted to talk to me after I update the info. This is definitely good, but I know I could be reading things wrong so I am not going to go get my hopes really high. I need times where I receive a little encouragement. And regardless of how things turn out I am still set to move there in Jan. So please be in prayer for me in that this job works out. I am really interested in the position.

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