Monday, November 12, 2007

A Blogger In The Ambulence

Lately I have been listening to allot of Thrice. One of the songs that has struck me is the title track off The Artist In The Ambulance disk. The song is about ones failures and desires to be more than just a bunch of empty talk to his listeners. He wants to actually reach out with his art and make a difference in their lives. (read the lyrics here) I kind of understand where he is coming from I want this blog to up lift you and hopefully mean some thing to you. I want to be the blogger in the ambulance.

I have been thinking about resurrecting this thing for a while now. I have thought and thought about what I want to put up here. Do I make it a deeply personal journal? Do I just do a bunch of music reviews? Do I write a bunch of post about what I think of issues facing Christianity? How about issues in this culture we live in? It could be so many things. I think honestly for right now I will just try to post on a regular basis, and honestly I hope its most of those things. I don't want you to watch me vomit all over this thing so I don't think it will be deeply personal but I do want to open up a little more on this blog. I don't know who has read this in the past or will in the future but I know me and I'll be a changing. But this I do know I want to be a pointer to Jesus that I know will always remain the same as long as his hand of grace is upon me.

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